How to Clean Paper Products, Books, Photos and Wallpaper

Cleaning Books
To remove greasy finger marks from cloth book covers, rub with stale bread and a soft India eraser. To remove greasy marks from printed music sheets and paper, make a thick paste of fuller’s earth and a little water. Spread the mixture thickly over the stain with a knife blade and leave for several hours to dry thoroughly, then brush the powder off. To remove ink stains, gently damper with warm water using a soft-haired paintbrush. Blot up excess inky water. Then wet the stain again with a 5% solution of oxalic acid. Paint with warm water and dry with white blotting paper, then air well and press gently. If in doubt, seek expert advice.

Cleaning Leather Book Bindings
To restore leather bound books, use Goddard’s Saddler’s Wax with cheese cloth.

Cleaning Parchment and Vellum
Sponge the surface very gently with lighter fluid to remove grease marks and spots. This will not harm the material, but if in doubt test on an unimportant area or seek expert advice.

Cleaning Photographs
To clean old photographs, rub gently with stale bread.

Cleaning Playing Cards
Rub the surface with a soft cloth dipped in a weak solution of camphor oil and warm water.

Cleaning Wallpaper
To remove grease spots on wallpaper, place a piece of clean blotting paper over the mark and press with a warm iron. Repeat until the spot has gone. To strip wallpaper, wet the paper with warm water mixed with a little liquid detergent and let the solution soak in, then gently peel the paper off the wall. This works as well as a store-bought stripper.

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