Impotence Affects Up to 60% of Men Over 50 Years Old

Impotence or the inability to maintain a decent erection affects as much as 60% of the population over the age of 50 years. It is alarming just how many younger men are also affected by this condition as well with some reports being received about teenagers who are affected.

Impotence affect many menImpotence may have some medical causes, but yet the vast majority of impotence is really due to minor issues that can easily be remedied. However, due to the sensitivity of the issue, a sad fact is that most men will not seek help or even talk about their problems, choosing to rather hide the issue even from their intimate partners, and rather simply withdraw from any contact that could lead to sex.

Needless to say, many wives are left totally in the cold and one only has to glance through many of the womans forums to see just how rife the situation has become. Comments such as, ” My husband no longer wants sex, does he still love me..” or ” Is he having an affair…” are often indicators of withdrawal by the husband.

Psychological Impotence. Impotence often stems from psychological issues of which performance issues and size issues are the two most prominent factors contributing to psychological impotence.

Penis size issues often stem from men comparing themselves to pornographic images. The studs that are used in these images are mostly chosen due to their unusually large genitalia and for their ability to perform. Our modern day lives are anti-social and so most men do not ever get to compare themselves with other normal  men. As a result the only comparison is against these studs and so you end up feeling totally inadequate.

For the record, most women prefer a penis that is average or just over average in size. Being too big is a problem for most women who simply run away from a penis that is over-sized. Average penis length is approx six and a half inches and average penis girth is five and a half inches. Girth is the circumference of the erect penis. Flaccid penis measurements are really unimportant as these vary according to conditions such as temperature, the need to urinate etc.

Performance Issues. A massive 85% of men ejaculate within 3 minutes of penetration. There are many among these who do not last longer than 1 minute. This leaves the man feeling that they are simply not good enough or can not last long enough to be able to satisfy their partner. Again the porno scenes of studs who go through 30 different positions and last for hours on end before ejaculating what seems to be a never ending fountain, only fuel the perception of inadequacy even more.

Both of the above issues are very prominent in men today and men who are under the perception that they are too small or can not perform sufficiently for their partners, mostly turn away from sex and phsical contact that leads to sex, rather than openly discuss the problem even with their partners.

With time the initial perception of inadequacy becomes deeply rooted and will start to affect the man’s ability to achieve or maintain an adequate erection. Psychological impotence has started to take a hold.

A further factor that aggravates the problem of impotence is that of general health. We simply do not take care of ourselves. This leads to fat build up, high cholesterol and poor blood circulation. A erection of good quality relies on adequate and good quality blood flowing to the penile tissue. Cholesterol acts like a sludge in your blood and prevents adequate blood circulation. Lack of exercise, not only normal but sexual as well, results in decreased blood circulation and again this affects the penile area.

To maintain your penis health and prevent impotence, firstly ensure that you remain physically fit. Refrain from excessive alcohol and smoking as these are proven to negatively affect your sex drive. Eat healthy foods and stay away from junk food which will clog your veins with cholesterol.  Eat foods to increase your libido and improve your sex drive. Drink plenty water as this is a key ingredient to good health and is used by the body to flush toxins that could negatively affect your sex drive.

Discuss problems that you are experiencing with your partners as they are the real expert on your size and performance. You may find that you are just perfect for them. Wives and partners, be honest with your man and do not try to convince him that he is the best when you and he know that he is lacking. This will only cause mistrust. If you still really feel that you are lacking, then get some help or take a course of action to improve the situation. There are sufficient products that are discreetly available to assist you back into a healthy sex life.

Article written by Butch, who is a well known and respected expert in male issues and low self esteem. More articles and information may be found at his personal website “Male Extra“.

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  1. imbunatatire says:

    but, from what i know…only 27% of the cases are medically based. the rest of them have psychological issues.

    the mind can be tricky!

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