Alternatives to the BodyBugg?

The BodyBugg is a great product that can help you with your weight loss goals, though it can be a bit rough on the wallet. Prices for the BodyBugg run around $250, which is quite a chunk of money, especially in today’s economy. That’s not including the month-to-month recurring subscription of $14.95, which is needed to log your meals in order to see how many calories you’ve eaten every day. Note: Though it can be as cheap as $8.33/month if you purchase an annual subscription in advance.

People often ask if there are any other products that are similar to the BodyBugg, which could be used as an alternative. Thus, I’ve researched various competitive products and found a few that had relative benefits to the BodyBugg, even if they come at a trade-off.

Below is a list of comparable products I’ve compiled for those most concerned with the cost of the BodyBugg. Though please realize there is a trade-off in features and potential accuracy in exchange for the price break.

FitBit Tracker

The FitBit Tracker does essentially the same thing as the BodyBugg. It tracks and analyzes calorie burn, and other key statistics. What makes this device unique is that it can also track sleep patterns, and the quality of your sleep. It tells you not only the sleep quality you are achieving, but also whether or not you are getting enough sleep. The FitBit Tracker tracks exercise, calories burned, distance moved, steps taken, as well as sleep length and quality.

One nice thing about the FitBit tracker is that it can be placed almost anywhere. You can clip it to your sleeve, your belt, your underwear – or just throw it in your pocket. This product is smaller and more flexible than the BodyBugg, but it doesn’t include the calorie intake feature.

FitBit Tracker runs for around $99.

MioPINK Motiva Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The MioPINK Motiva Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a very accurate heart rate monitor in the form of a wrist watch. The fact that it is a wrist watch is certainly a selling feature within itself. The monitor fits nicely on your wrist, and looks very similar to a normal watch, so it doesn’t stand out too much.

The MioPINK monitors your heart rate and records statistics. This device is not necessarily for weight loss, though it can help with your weight loss goals. The Mio is more for fitness/stamina training. Any good health instructor will tell you that there is an optimum heart rate that you should maintain while exercising, and the Mio tells you your exact heart rate. Some gym machines give you your heart rate as well, but they are very inaccurate, plus, the Mio can be used anywhere.

The MioPINK also monitors and reports the amount of calories burned, which is helpful for anyone trying to lose weight.

MioPINK sells for around $100. As well, 10% of all sale revenue will go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

iPod Nike Sport Kit

This product is slightly different than the others, and requires the use of an iPod Touch or Nano, as well as a pair of Nike+ shoes. You can purchase a Nike Sport kit for only $29, but again, you have to own an iPod and a pair of Nike shoes in order for this to work.

The Nike + IPOD Sport Kit works similarly to a normal calorie monitors, except it has two pieces. One piece is the actual sensor, and it goes inside your left shoe. The other is a small wireless receptor that is clipped on to your iPod. As you run, your iPod will tell you your statistics, such as time, distance, pace, and calories burnt.

One of the best things about the Nike + IPOD Sport Kit system is that you can listen to your favorite music while working out, and still get audio notifications of your statistics. You can set up a playlist to play in the background, and when it is time to hear a stat update, the iPod + Nike software will simply override the music. Plus, when the report is finished, the music will begin playing again. This is perfect for many people (including me), as I find it much easier to work out when listening to music. If the audio notifications annoy you, your iPod will display visual statistics as well, so you can always just check that.

Nike + IPOD Sport Kit costs $29.

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