The Tradition Of Custom Military Coins

Military people collect many things during the time they spend in the service. Whether they are awards or mementos, they keep these things to remember the moments that are special to them. Custom military coins are part of the memories that they do not want to forget. They are reminders of the excellence and hard work that military people have shown.


These coins have been an age-old tradition in the military. From coins given by a first sergeant, a chief master sergeant or the president, they are all valuable to every person who receives it. But the real history of military coins is dating back to World War I when a US pilot was captured in Germany.

The pilot was able to escape from the Germans and made it to the French border. The French believed he was a spy and he was sentenced to death. To save his life, he proved his identity by showing a bronze medallion with the emblem of his squadron, verifying that he was a US pilot.

Because of this event, it then started a tradition that every member of the team brought their medallion, custom military coins to become a symbol for military pride and tradition.

Airman’s Coin

The Airman’s coin is one of the most popular military coins. It is a coin given to the Airmen of the United States Air Force (USAF). It is awarded to them after their basic military training, which formally marks their transition to being an Airman.

Custom military coins

When they graduated basic training and received their custom military coins, most of them feel that they are a part of something. The coin would serve as a form of identification and sense of pride.

Coin Check

Most servicemen proudly display their military coins so other would see them, but some always keep their coins in their pockets in case of a “coin check.” When they go to official functions or other events that they are together, someone might perform a coin check. If you do not have your coin, you are going to pay for a round of drinks for everyone.

This coin check tradition started in Germany when the World War I ended. There was a local practice called “Pfennig check” in Germany and the American servicemen stationed there were able to adopt this tradition. The Pfennig was an old coin, which had the lowest value in Germany. If a soldier did not have a Pfennig, he will be responsible in paying for a round of drinks. This practice remained and became part of the custom military coins tradition.

Other Traditions

The coin check has been inherited by the servicemen for many generations, but other officers also have their own practices involving military coins.

When a coin is given to the first enlisted soldier after saluting the newly-commissioned officer, this is called “silver dollar salute” or “first salute coin.” In the 19th century, it was believed that an officer once said that you need to buy your first salute. Then, by getting the respect of your subordinates and through your performance, you will earn every salute afterwards. This honors the enlisted servicemen who help commanding officers attain commission status.

For many commanders, producing a military coin is a wonderful thing to do. They want something that symbolizes greatness and to recognize the servicemen who give more than what was expected of them.

The tradition of custom military coins boosts unit morale, shows a legacy and commendable service. While these coins are different, each of them gives a personal touch and tells a story. When a soldier looks at their old military coin, it will represent the amazing people they have met and their years of service.

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